The Booth FAQ

How many people can fit inside the booth?

The booth comfortably fits up to 8 guest but we've seen more squeeze in!

Will you provide props?

Absolutely! To list a few we'll bring wigs, hats, over-sized sunglasses, mustaches/ lips on a stick and dry eraser boards. We also encourage you to bring a few of your own to fit your specific event theme.

How much floor space will the booth take up?

The booth is just 5' x 5'.

What will you need from us / the venue?

All we need is electricity in close proximity and at least a 3' table for props and the guest book.

Is it wheel chair accessible?


Do you need lights?

No, the booth comes equipped with it's own lighting.

Do you need a table?

Yes we do need a table for the props and guest book. A 3' or 6' table will be plenty. Pleas let us know before hand if a table is not available and we'll be sure to supply one.

Does an attendant come with the rental?

Most definitely.

What does the attendant do?

The attendant will set up and breakdown the booth, assist guest with the photo scrap book, replenish any supplies as needed and answer any questions.

What time will the attendant arrive with the booth?

The booth takes approximately 30 minutes to be be fully functional so the attendant will arrive about 1hr prior to the start of the rental period.

Is it easy to use?

As long as you can press a button, I'd say yes.

Can we use the booth outside?

No. Because our booth uses a fabric enclosure and not the enclosed shell like you would see inside of a shopping mall, our booth is not ideal for outdoor use.

The Prints FAQ

What size are the prints?

The booth prints a double 2x6 photo strip. (one for guest to keep and the other for the photo scrap book) If you do not choose a scrapbook the second photo is still included.

Do the photos print on the spot?

Yes. It takes about 13 seconds or less for the photos to be printed.

Do we get unlimited photos during the rental period?

Yes. Guest can go in the booth as many times as they would like durning the rental period.

Can you print out the photos in the classic black and white style?

What if you want more than one picture?

Since all the photos will be saved on the hard drive, it will be easy as pie to print you another copy.

Will you publish our photos online?

We do publish your event photos online. You'll also have the option to password protect or delete your album.

Can we add a custom message to each print?

Absolutely! Just tell us what you would like the message to read along with the font and color and we'll have it all set for the event.